Integrated Rural Development Council


The Executive Body is accountable to the General Body for its activities. As per constitution, management is responsible to the Executive Body for the effective management of the Organization and the program as well as for the proper utilization of funds provided by the different sources.

The Executive Board looks after the organizational and project accounts on regular basis through the treasure for ensuring the good accounting. Before implementation of any project or plan it gets be approved by Executive Board. Treasurer is also responsible for the annual audit of accounts on annual basis.

Organizational management is also accountable to the District and National level Administration for its activities. All staff is participating in the coordination meeting organization by the local Administration and submitting reports on a regular basis.

Organizational management is also accountable to its beneficiaries for the activities and services rendered to them.

Organizational Transparency

Organizational management is transparent to the donors and is providing all types of information as per requirement. Organizational management is transparent to the participants .It is quite open to the participants/beneficiaries especially about information. Organizational management is maintaining close touch with Government and provides all necessary information to the authorities at the District and National level.

Policies, Procedure and Manual

IRDC has organizational chart, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action statement in NGOs, leadership, human resource management system for NGOs, job descriptions for NGO staff, personnel policy, communications policy, computer policy, procurement policy, fixed assets policy, finance policy, gender policy, risk management policy and strategic plan.

Major Sources of Funding

  • Local donations
  • Community Contributions
  • Membership fees
  • National and international partner’s funding
  • State funding

Strength of Organization

  • IRDC is based in village and works for rural communities
  • Devoted and highly professional staff
  • Knowledge of local norms, traditions & culture
  • Partnership with line departments & government
  • Networking with national and international partners
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